Bethanie age 13

Bethanie Borst 

A little on the quiet side, Bethanie is a deep thinker with creative ideas, and a laugh-out-loud sense of humor!

Bethanie age 10
Bethanie is a 14 year old homeschooled Freshman. She loves archery and hopes to enter the Olympics someday. Bethanie enjoys the outdoors, bike rides, climbing trees and studying edible plant life. She also likes making things explode in her science classes, but we really don't need to discuss that.

Bethanie age 10
Bethanie was only 9 when she came up with the idea for Cinderskella. She was in third grade at a local public school and the librarian had droned on about fairy tale retellings, most of them about princesses. If you know anything about Bethanie, you'll know exactly why that bugged her! When she came home from school--clearly distraught--and told me about her day, I asked her what she did to resolve her problem. She showed me a stapled packet of paper and proudly proclaimed, "I wrote a fairy tale I'd actually want to read!" On the cover was the image of a skeleton in a casket with the title Cinderskella. I immediately saw the genius in her work (and basked in the glow of my Tim Burton influence over her) and asked her if she wanted to write it together.

Bethanie age 14
We wrote the book over the course of a month. Rewrites, edits, and revisions took another two years. Then we queried over 100 agents and a few small publishers. Jolly Fish Press sent us a contract on Bethanie's 12th birthday and  Cinderskella released October 2013, when she was 13 1/2!